About the Socialist Rifle Association - Wichita Chapter


The mission of the Socialist Rifle Association, and by association the Wichita Chapter, is to uphold the right of the working class to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self defense. This also encompasses the defense of one's community via lawful means.


Any individual who agrees with this core statement is welcome to join the Wichita Chapter. This organization is, however, dedicated to the advancement of socialism, defined as the working class controlling the means of production. This is an expansive field of political thought and many different groups have many different interpretations of this definition. However, this Chapter does not tolerate or condone exclusionary and/or discriminatory ideologies such as fascism.

Core Principles
    Educating the working class in the safe and effective use of firearms.
    Educating the working class in outdoor survival, basic first aid, subsistance farming, and disaster relief.
    Educating the working class in government and the law to promote effective political change.
    Promoting friendship, unity, and understanding on the many different leftist ideologies and political views.
    Promoting the ability of the working class to keep and bear arms.
    Promoting fundamental human rights and the universal dignity of human kind.